Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Junque Journal

After seeing Tangie Baxter's video's on You Tube I was rather keen to make one of these. It appealed to me on so many levels. It would use up loads of my scrapbook paper scraps, freebies that I'd not got around to, ones that I wasn't too keen on, pieces that had served a purpose but were no longer needed. It needed lots of ink in lots of different colours, it was messy. It had that junquey, distressed, thrown together, organic, tatty look that I love but which I have found a lot harder to achieve than it initially looks. It used stationary and ribbons. It provides a place for all that ephemera that you don't want to throw away, but can't use on a scrapbook page or can't justify keeping for any other reason. It is complete in itself, looks good from the start and can be filled both easily and quickly, or with time and care...and no doubt I will do both.

I'm really pleased with my finished version.

The link gives far better details about how to make it that I could, with video as well. The only differences I made were to tear/cut some of the pages...oh and add some ribbon tags to the pages, which I think she had done in her finished version.
I gave mine a title of 'stuff' for two reasons, firstly I want to fill it with 'stuff', lots of different things to reflect my life and secondly because I want it to look 'stuffed' with things.

I will enjoy having this around my work area.


  1. Looks lovely Carolyn. Must finish mine LOL xx

  2. Wow its looks wonderful, Carolyn. I loooove the scruffy, distressed, shabby-style too but,yes, its often an extremely difficult look to achieve... surprisingly so. But this is great: those colours and textures are soooo inspirational and would really get my creative juices flowing!!! Fab! Hugs xx

  3. I love it!!! Great job!!

    I started on mine this weekend and did a bit more this afternoon! I'm really enjoying the project and can't wait to start adding all my bits and pieces once the pages are finished :)


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